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Use This One Simple Technique To TRANSFORM Your Writing Fear!

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Many writers don’t know how to deal with self doubt. They struggle to overcome their writing fear because they feel that what they write won’t be any good. In this video, I share a simple technique that will allow you to transform your doubts and fears for good.

It’s all about creating a new trajectory for yourself. Understand that somewhere back in your past, you didn’t do things very well. Or at least, you were told you didn’t do them well. If that experience is still affecting you in the present, then you’ve drawn a line from the past and are feeding it right through to where you are now.

No wonder you struggle with writing fear, or with being consistent with your blog. The future looks pointless to you because your past is connected to your present and future. You did things poorly in the past, and you’re convinced that you’ll always do them poorly. The key to learning how to deal with self doubt is to transform that initial experience.

The less fixed we are on the past, the more flexible we can be. Start to inquire about where your doubt comes from. Who’s opinion influenced you? Why are you still accepting that today?

You might start to look at yourself in the past and notice some positive characteristics that you missed previously. Maybe you had a really good work ethic, for example. That then becomes the point you create a trajectory from. If you had a good work ethic back then, you’ll probably be very good at getting things done now.

By reframing your writing fear in this way, you can gradually learn how to deal with self doubt whenever it arises. With a little flexibility, you can create a brand new future for yourself.

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