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TREND GIRL! Billie Eilish parody by La La Life (Music Video)

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0:26 Making the hole
1:59 Mumble rapper
2:16 #trendgirl dance
3:18 Trendy dances DA da da da DA


Trend girl

Featuring MC Snoozey 2020

- Microinfluencer
- Environment
- Slime
- asmr

I have a new phone
it has seven cameras
to take tiny pictures
for my Instagram

I've got a new guy
he's got a face tat
drinking babycinos
in his tiny hat

I m an asmrtist
I put my face on some bread
I make some crunchy noises
to put you to bed

I like Greta Thunberg
I think she's like wow
but fashion tip girl
fuller eyebrows

trend girl

I know what to like
and I'll show you what's cool in 2020
trend girl
I am cool and I'm trendy
you don't like what I like you're not cool

I've got earbuds
But I always lose one
So i tied them together
with a piece of string

don't play computer games
got no time for them
watching other people play them
that's kinda my thing

Hottest artistt artist of 2020
in da house right now
MC Snoozey, take it away

(mumble rap)

No, no, no, no, stop
I just found out that mumble rap is not cool anymore, you have to leave

Trend girl
Wearing big sneakers
Trend girl
Animal prints
Trend girl
Artificial intelligence
Trend girl
Carbon footprint

Trend girl
Dumping your boyfriend
Trend girl
Crying online
Trend girl
Meeting a new BAE
Trend girl
Dumped him next day


Words and Music by Sam Rhodes Dunthorne

#trendgirl #parody #music

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