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The Witcher ASMR | Saved by Geralt of Rivia ASMR Roleplay

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You’ve been attacked by brigands on your way to Novigrad, and unfortunately it has attracted the unwanted attention of some local monsters. Fortunately, Geralt of Rivia is here to save you… for a price.

This Witcher ASMR roleplay is to celebrate the upcoming second season of the show and is loosely based on a combination of the game, the Netflix show itself, and the books. There’s lots of personal attention, with some ‘patching you up’ ASMR type triggers, some meditation and guided relaxation, and a healthy dose of sarcasm along with some poor bedside manner in the form of a gruffly relaxing voice combination of Cockle, Cavill, and me. Hope you enjoy!

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Disclaimer: This video is intended for relaxation. Any views, opinions, or advice expressed is purely for the purpose of entertainment, and to induce tingles through ASMR. These videos are not a substitute for traditional medicine, therapy, or any other professional medium, and should not be treated as such! Take all the advice with a pinch of salt, and certainly don’t take it to heart. That being said, please enjoy them, benefit from them, and hopefully get those warm, tingly feelings. Oh, and it’s not for kids.

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