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the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card

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Let's take a deep dive in to the numerology, symbolism, meaning & messages, keywords & journal prompts of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card
Major Arcana playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ_k098uar3Hj92IQ0aibh_T1UHNFg-w4

The Wheel of Fortune is the 10th card in the major arcana. It is a symbol of destiny and destination, of good luck and bad luck, of the ups and downs of life and fate. Everything is in motion, turning and floating, constantly changing, accidental and uncontrollable. It’s important to remember that what goes up must always come down, so an undesirable situation now will eventually change into a positive one and vice versa.
The Wheel of Fortune tarot card carries a chance of fate and opportune surprise, symbolized within the wheel surrounded by four zodiac sings. You have been presented with a fortune, an unexpected turn of events over which you have a surprisingly small amount of control over. It is a life-giving gift that surpasses logic; it is inevitable change, and the choice to accept what is offered. Inverted, The Wheel turns with a quirk of fate, moving outside of expected karma. To the right or left, the card reflects differing stages in melding with the patterns and rhythms of the world. Regardless of position, The Wheel asserts: to everything, there is a season.
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