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The Truth About The Kennedy Fortune

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The U.S. may not have actual royalty, but it’s safe to say the Kennedy family comes pretty close. While former president John F. Kennedy is arguably the most famous of the clan, he certainly isn’t the only family member of note. The Kennedys are a huge and extremely wealthy dynasty, with influence over a number of American institutions.

But how exactly did one family wind up with so much fame and fortune? It all starts with patriarch Joseph Kennedy, Sr., who, through a series of business dealings, investments, and marriages, secured a hefty cash flow that would keep going for generations. Here’s the truth about the Kennedy fortune.

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Joseph Kennedy Sr. | 0:15
Knew the stock market | 1:26
Money from show business | 2:25
No real Kennedy bootlegging wealth? | 3:28
It’s who you know | 4:27
Joseph’s connections helped Kennedy children | 5:22
JFK expanded Kennedys’ political reach | 6:41
Wealth from real estate | 8:17
Tax loopholes | 9:34
Significant wealth in trusts | 10:35
Modern Kennedy fortune partly hidden | 11:48

Read Full Article: https://www.grunge.com/373237/how-the-kennedy-family-really-got-so-rich/

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