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Sushant Singh Rajput Death: Sonu Nigam ने Music Mafia का ज़िक्र कर, Salman Khan की बात बताई | Arijit

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Post Sushant Singh Rajput's unfortunate death the outrage towards nepotism, favoritism, unfair practices in the Hindi film industry have been highlighted. Sonu Nigam has also posted a video talking about the 'mafia culture' in the film and music industry. In this video, Sonu Nigam has indicated towards the workings of the 'music mafia' that has been destroying the careers of the new, young and aspiring singers, lyricists, and composers in Bollywood. And he has captioned his video with a statement that said, "You might soon hear about Suicides in the Music Industry". Also, Sonu has put allegations on Salman Khan without naming him. he said- "An actor, the one at whom everybody is pointing fingers these days, has done this with me, saying I should not be made to sing, the same actor has done this with Arijit Singh also. What is this? How can you use your power like that?" Watch this video to more about Sonu Nigam's latest vlog on Instagram that has many revelations.

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