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Star Wars In Real Life, Battle Royale to Save Game Master Challenge! Matt and Rebecca

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Matt Slays does a Light Saber Battle Royale to rescue Rebecca in real life from the Queen of Gems.

Recently Rebecca Zamolo and her cousin Maddie had to pretend to be Trolls in real life to save teh game master. It turned into a battle royale with the queen of gems but they were able to get the white clear diamond gem. This was shortly after Matt Slays had to become an uber driver in disguise to trick the GMI Mr X. He might have to go on. date with Mr X but who knows. Now Matt, Rebecca and Maddie are all trying to find the next gem and must use the gauntlet and infinity stones along with VR Glasses to go into the Star wars in real life. Matt is Luke Skywalker, Rebecca is Princess Lea and Maddie Is Rey. Matt was given the yoda backpack for guidance. They read the note and must find the holocron and 3 kyber crystals then battle royale with the queen of gems using light sabers. The first kyber crystal is tricky because Matt must split up in.a hide and seek chase. Next they must do a trick shot challenge and Rebecca is taken and goes missing. She is hypnotized by the queen. They complete the storm trooper trick shot challenge and now must rescue Rebecca. Matt defeats the queen and Rebecca is free. Can they escape in time to still return home or will the deathstar take them with a drone? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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