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SBF - The 55th “House of Baptistness” S. B. Musical Moment by King Shepherd Ray M. S. Brathwaite

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New COVID-19 Restrictions have shut our Churches however behind every dark cloud has a silver lining. It is with tremendous joy and happiness that we present the 55th “House of Baptistness” Weekly Spiritual Baptist Musical Moments with King Shepherd Ray M. S. Brathwaite. We are beaming from my home to yours far and wide. From my heart to your heart. .
Another great evening starting the New Cycle of Spiritual Baptistness inspired by the Most Highest God of Gods. The One and Only. The Wonderful. The Counselor. The Everlasting Father. The Prince of Peace. The Mighty God and by you and your exciting presence.
This 55th LIVE is just for you and you and you O Proud Spiritual Baptist. This is Liberation Season 2021 being the 70th anniversary of the Repeal of the most draconian Shouters Prohibition Ordinance of 1917.
#proudtobespiritualbaptist, #shouters, #houseofbaptistness, #spiritualbaptist, #kingshepherd, #liberation,
Your servant
[ “I do not own the rights to all the music played in this broadcast”]

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