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Reacting to ALL the Witcher Cinematic Trailers!

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Morgan is reacting to ALL the Witcher Cinematic Trailers! Which Witcher Cinematic trailer reaction do you think will be the best? The Witcher Cinematic Trailer Reaction? The Witcher 2 Cinematic Trailer Reaction? The Witcher 3 Cinematic Trailer Reaction? And what has lead her to react to all the Witcher Cinematic Trailers? Comment to below what video game trailer reaction YOU want to see next!

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Jenna Marbles once stated that “9 out of 10 gamers, are gamers.” I happen to fall in the 1 out of 10 category, gamers who are not gamers.

Hey there! My name Morgan (she/her) and I’m a 22-year-old trying her best and living one day at a time. On my stream, you can catch me playing chill RPGs (think Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory), laughing with my community, and fostering an uplifting and transparent atmosphere. Oh? The cute kitty sitting next to me? That’s Olivia. And, yes, she is the real star.

Outside of streaming, you can find me acting, singing, and dancing on a stage, behind a mic, and in front of a camera.

The incredible artist and my best friend since kindergarten: Mr. Martini!

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