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Pokemon: Glazed Version | Ep. 01 - CRAZY PIKACHU! (Pokemon Glazed)

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Welcome to Episode One of Pokemon Glazed!
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In this episode: I start my journey in Glenwood Town, obtain my starter Pokemon from Professor Willow, and acquire my Pokedex!

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This is a ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald created by Redriders180 (aka Lucbui), which features two new regions called Tunod and Rankor, along with Johto. It also contains all 6 generations of Pokemon, along with its Dream World counterparts, and many more features yet to be seen!

// Pokemon Glazed Info/Download:

// Emulator Download

// Intro Music: "Golden Apples" by Shirobon:

DISCLAIMER: This is not a standard Pokemon game and it is not endorsed or associated with Nintendo, Pokemon, or any related companies. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

~ Stay Snazzy, Twisties! ~

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