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Origami 8-Pointed Ninja Star???? Stress Reliever

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[Intermediate] This model is at least 10 models in 1! It's an 8-Pointed Star Stress Reliever toy with several satisfying actions, and it can be flattened to form an ninja star that flies!

Here are at least some of the kinetic motions:
1: It's a trampoline squishy blob for your finger.
2: It flips in and out from trampoline to 3D star.
3: As an 8-pointed Star Stress Reliever: When you push middle point down the 8 points pivot upward and when you push 4 points down the middle pops up.
4: It falls downward in a steady position.
5: When it hits the ground it inverts to the trampoline position
6: It makes a loud tapping noise when you touch top of the star
7: It can attach to your face by putting one of the middle flaps between your lips, and then you can blow it rather far.
8: In the star position can spin on the top of a pencil and, if you're lucky, on your finger too! (Note, I just discovered that the 3D star spins even better on a pencil than the 2D spinner one I showed in the video)
9: It bounces and even dribbles
10: It jumps in several ways.
11: I collapses to store flat
12: It flattens into a really cool-looking ninjas star that actually flies

There's a lot more tricks that this model can do some of which I showed in the video, and I encourage you to explore on your own to figure out even more new tricks! Enjoy!

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