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My Opinion on MGE & Wheel of Fortune Changes in Rise of Kingdoms! MASSIVE UPDATE COMING TO ROK 2021!

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My Opinion on MGE & Wheel of Fortune Changes in Rise of Kingdoms! MASSIVE UPDATE COMING TO ROK 2021! #RiseOfKingdoms #RoK
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This video was inspired by many videos I've seen discussing changes to MGE and Wheel of Fortune commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, especially the video "Mightiest Governor and Wheel Changes in Rise of Kingdoms [now you pick the commander]" by Chisgule Gaming (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL-owmM5c4U&ab_channel=ChisguleGaming). I also enjoyed the video "CHOOSE THE COMMANDER YOU WANT! - Rise of Kingdoms" by Gekko Gaming (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMbF1d8n1yo&ab_channel=GekkoGaming).

In this video I talk about Rise of Kingdoms, Rise of Kingdoms 2021, Rise of Kingdoms Update, Rise of Kingdoms Mightiest Governor Event, Rise of Kingdoms Mightiest Governor Change, Rise of Kingdoms Choose Wheel of Fortune, Rise of Kingdoms Choose Legendary Commander, Is Rise of Kingdoms Dying, Is Rise of Kingdoms Dead, Rise of Kingdoms Dying, Current State of Rise of Kingdoms, Rise of Kingdoms Tips, Rise of Kingdoms Changes, Rise of Kingdoms Dev Feedback, Rise of Kingdoms Developer Update, and RoK!

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