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Locomotives Play Musical Train Engines; Caboose, MP15 Switcher Locomotive, Rare Locomotives In Use!

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Awesome classic EMD & GE locomotives move a caboose past me at a level railway crossing in Sardinia. This is short line railroading at its best! The caboose is a remote control caboose that was used on a rock train shuttle a couple years ago. Listen to these unusual locomotives! The train horns are really cool and these locomotives all have stories to tell. This video shows 5 locomotives and the remote control caboose. Sardinia is the railroad capital of Brown County, Ohio. This is were they are maintained and stored. I have videos of all of them in use except for the green one which hasn't been put into service yet. I also have videos of the caboose on the rock shuttles that were operated by a single conductor with a belt pack. I am a huge caboose fan and I have 3 caboose compilation videos that show cabooses in use. I am working on a fourth. This video shows the CCET crew moving the caboose to the opposite side of the black GP49. They pull it past me and do the railroad switching on the main and then shove it back into the house track in the middle of the Sardinia wye. After that we see the locomotives head eastbound to work Cohen Recycling in Macon, Ohio. I filmed both sides of them passing me for your viewing pleasure. The Cincinnati Eastern Railroad CCET is really getting busy. If you want to see more of it just join my FaceBook group that I started a few months back called Cincinnati Eastern Railroad Fans. Filmed October 1, 2020 CE. Thanks for watching! Check out my steam train playlist for some really cool videos including the Big Boy! I also have other railroad videos of all types. Please watch another video to help support my channel:

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