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Let’s talk about Jeffree Star Spring Mystery Boxes & F Proof Mascara

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Love Jeffree Star or hate him, he does know how to make a good mystery box, & this year he’s launching new Jeffree Star SPRING Mystery boxes for 2021 which he has never done before. And he cancelled one of his boxes altogether which shocked some but didn’t surprise others. This all of course coming right off his most recent launch the F Proof Mascara, which I will also be showing and giving you a full review of in this video. And did I mention there’s 5 different versions of the Spring 2021 Jeffree Star Mystery Boxes? The Premium Blue box, the Premium Green Box, the yellow Deluxe box, the supreme pink box, and then the EXTREME boxes! (Yes you read that right, plural.) Just keep watching for all the deets and the release date will be April 2, 2021 at 10am PST/1pm EST???? And then of course make sure you subscribe & set your notifications to see the unboxing of the Jeffree Star Spring mystery box for 2021 (And Maybe a little surprise in that????????) See ya soon!

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