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IN GEE CHUN, Escape the penalty area, Par Save, LPGA, 전인지, 패널티구역에 빠진 공 탈출 후 파 세이브

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I've seen all the way into the penalty area, but it's important to check the ball.
It could be a situation where you can pull it out.
The rules changed, and we had less time to find the ball. Yeah, the time limit was much shorter for the players than it had previously been picked up.
And ah... did you find the ball?
The rules in the penalty area have changed a bit.
Unlike in the past, you can put a club on the back of the ball. If there's anything you can move, you can clean it up or touch the ground or water while practicing.
I think you're trying to get the end of the Green Right.
I think it's better to hit the ball here if you can because you have to hit the red line straight back from the cross.
I lowered it very briefly.
Caddy's advice was to practice the actual shot a little further back.
And then you see how tangled the club is in the grass.
If you want to hit it safely, it looks safe to get down to the bottom of the screen if possible.
Oh... you escaped. I'm on the green after 3 times. Did he come out like that? You didn't make it? What's more important is that long glass.
The resistance of could lead to injuries.
It was a crisis that could completely fall out of the ranking competition.
In the penalty area, finding the ball could have been a poison or a beneficial moment, but within three minutes, he found the ball and kicked it out of the difficult place.
We had to find him in five minutes before the rules were revised.
The direction was really good. Record the Par.

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