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How to push past fear?

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How, as an entrepreneur, do you get past fear?

Unfortunately, there is no way of avoiding fear you just need to ensure that it does not prevent you from taking action!

Fear and failure are things that every single entrepreneur will experience, so do not think that you are alone. After all, you’re often stepping into the unknown and taking risks. I remember when I bought my very first house... I was absolutely terrified!

Understanding what you are fearful of and how you respond to this is an important learning step. Evaluate the risks. What is the worst-case scenario? How can this be avoided? What will you do next if this goes wrong? It is all about making a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C! Ensure you have alternative exit routes and you will be fine.

Don’t let fear stop you. Just get on and do it! Fear will help you expand your comfort zone.

Do something this week! Now! Today! Something that you would usually be scared of.

Let me know in the comments what you decided to do.

Remember you need to jump past fear to get to success.

Good luck!

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