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How to make a Clean HUD/Layout in FFXIV - (2021 Version)

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After revisiting and reworking my whole UI/Interface setup last week, I thought it is time to share with you, the changes and ideas, that lead to this final version, where only your ideas are able to help me improving it.

Therefore, I would love to see your setups and ideas for the cleanest UI in Eorzea, so share your impressions in our Discord Server:

And make sure to check out the previous videos about
Collapsing Hotbars: https://youtu.be/2Ws74eekJRQ
or about general UI tips from last year: https://youtu.be/tW02GS6ZNHo

The Duty List Macro:
/hud "Duty List" [on/off]
/hud "Server Info" [on/off]
/hud "Gil" [on/off]
/hud "Main Menu" [on/off]
/hud "Inventory Grid" [on/off]
/hud "Experience Bar" [on/off]
/hud "Minimap" [on/off]

Also join me on Twitch, clean UI FFXIV stuff all over Eorzea:

And above that, every support on Patreon is much appreciated:

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Noshi Mizuta - The Grand Duchy of Jeuno, Sarutabaruta (FF11)
Masayoshi Soken - Unmatching Pieces (FF14 ShB)

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