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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD 6x08 Reaction – The Governor Reacts

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8, “The Door,” is the midseason opener for the series and follows John Dorie as he confronts his inner demons, but also encounters Morgan and Dakota who need his help. The Governor reacts to this episode, giving his usual observations and a full review. WARNING: Spoilers for this episode.

FWTD S06E08 begins where we left off, after Ginny told Strand to gather all the Gulch folk together to use against Morgan and to get her sister back. John is in his cabin, thinking dark thoughts and shooting the occasional biter. Morgan and Dakota show up at his favorite store and from then on, it’s trying to evade rangers and get Morgan and Dakota to where they belong. And convince John to join them.

Fear the Walking Dead 6x08 also features appearances by Ginny, June, Alicia, Dwight, Charlie, Althea and generic rangers who we don’t care about. The Governor renders his judgment on one and all.

Footage used from FTWD S6E8 is owned by AMC and incorporated in compliance with Fair Use Guidelines.
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