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Easter Eggs You Missed In Star Trek: Picard Episode 7

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In the seventh episode of Star Trek: Picard, the characters split up as Elnor remains on the Borg Artifact, Picard and Soji go visit old friends, and the rest of the La Sirena crew heads after him. Here are all the Easter eggs and references you might have missed in "Nepenthe."

When Picard and Soji are confronted in the woods of Nepenthe by Will Riker and Deanna Troi's daughter, Kestra, she points her bow and arrow at Picard's heart but he tells her she may want to aim at his head instead, since his heart is made of solid duritanium.

Picard's artificial heart was first established as canon in the second season episode, "Samaritan Snare," in which Picard has to undergo an operation to replace the deteriorating mechanical organ. Picard says his original heart replacement occurred after being stabbed through the back by a group of Naussicans when he was younger, which he tells Wesley was a curious sensation.

Later, in the sixth season episode "Tapestry," we actually see this confrontation play out thanks to some time meddling from Q.

When Picard visits Will Riker and Deanna Troi, we learn that the couple has had two children in the time that has passed since Star Trek: Nemesis. Their first, a boy named Thad, would've been eighteen in 2399, but tragically passed away several years earlier. At the time of "Nepenthe," they only have one surviving child, a precocious young teen with a vivid imagination named Kestra.

Both of the Troi-Riker children were actually named for members of their parents' families. As revealed in the Voyager episode "Death Wish," Thaddeus Riker was a soldier in the Union Army during the American Civil War whose life was saved by a Q named Quinn.

"That is Colonel Thadeius Riker after he was wounded at Pine Mountain. They used to call him 'Old Iron Boots.'"

But while Thad Troi-Riker was named for a distant ancestor of his father, Kestra got her name from a much closer relation to her mother. As revealed in the Next Generation episode, "Dark Page," Kestra Troi was Deanna's older sister, who died as a child in a tragic accident. Deanna didn't know about Kestra until she was an adult, when she helped her mother finally work through her decades-old grief and guilt over Kestra's death. Keep watching the video to see all the Easter eggs you missed in Star Trek: Picard episode 7!

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Picard's artificial heart | 0:14
Kestra Troi and Thaddeus Riker | 1:01
Will Riker's hobbies | 2:01
Soji's interests | 2:54
Data's human pursuits | 4:06
Discovery meets Star Wars | 5:20
Qo'noS to Tyken's Rift | 6:01

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