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Do you have a bad chart ? natal astrology, fortune, & misfortune

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I get this question very frequently--do I have a bad chart? (More rarely I get asked "do I have a lucky chart?") In modern natal astrology, we don't look at fortune and misfortune like the ancients did--because, well, it's 2021, you're watching this on youtube on a smart phone, and things are much better than they were hundreds of years ago--when astrology began.

So why would you still use astrology like Nostradamus did?

In today's brief video I talk a bit about the concept of having a "fortunate chart" and what it means in today's world.

I realize I didn't discuss why this might've been useful back when it was created, but I can see this "bad chart" concept being useful maybe when kings had to choose between two generals, or something of that nature, where you would want someone not only capable of doing something but also "lucky." So while luck does exist, we don't in modern times have to rely so much on it because we have so much more at our disposal.

Anyway. Follow me on ig if you want to stalk me a little bit and see what I'm working on :). See you soon!

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