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Cosmetically Modified current-gen Ford EcoSport | Modified Ford EcoSport Trend 2020 | EcoSport 2020

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ABOUT #promoteyourmachine: This series is specially for car enthusiasts out there!
I’ve always had an affinity and passion for cars and that whole car culture. I know ek modified car ke pitche kitna time, passion and dedication hota hai.
Toh ussi ko dekhte hue, I have started this series.

If anyone of you would like to feature their modified car on my YouTube Channel, then please share your car pictures and list of modifications with my team on WhatsApp.
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Episode 3 is based on the current generation Ford EcoSport and it explains all the modifications done to the car. (EcoSport AKA Raptor)

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OLD VIDEOS LINK: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNffanezHiz1jambF08LLoxTRpa4nqFYl

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