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Billionaire Investor Reveals How To Make a Fortune Investing

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Rob is joined by the international investor, author, and billionaire Jim Mellon. Jim is an expert in fund management, investment, and biotechnology. Together Rob and Jim discuss the impact COVID will have on business, how cycles of disruption are becoming faster and how to use your money for the greater good.

The internet has allowed the flow of information to be so much faster. The effect of that on entrepreneurship is that companies can rise and fall much faster because it is so much easier to start-up companies and therefore allows for greater competition. The internet has also allowed for collaborations en masse.

Covid is likely to be the development of novel technologies, drugs, and therapies to protect older cohorts. This is because COVID is a gerolavic disease as it mainly affects elderly people. The reason why many elderly are dying from COVID is that their immune system is compromised, the process of building up their immunity has been accelerated because we cannot afford to go through another pandemic.

There are three things everyone has got to remember. The first is ‘curiosity’ if you’re going to be successful you have to look at everything and see the opportunity. Secondly ‘application’ is important, apply yourself daily to reach good results. Finally, focus on getting the right business model in the first place, do not try to do too much at once.

Most people who go to university at 18, really don’t know what they want to do with their lives. Generally speaking, University is a good thing, you don’t just learn something which may or may not be relevant to your future endeavors but you also create a large network of people.

There is nothing wrong with accumulating more money as long as you have got good intentions with it and you are not just going to sit on it and do nothing with it or abuse it. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, don’t waste it.

If we are going to get richer, happier, and have more time for leisure and knowledge, then you need to start thinking about what are the great upcoming trends that will eclipse everything we have seen in the past century. Those disruptive factors will have an impact on absolutely everyone, if you think you are in a safe job, you’re not as everything is subject to much faster cycles of disruption than it was in the past.Get access to the exclusive YouTube membership

Rob is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs to succeed and has written many books with this aim.

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