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BFB 16: The Escape from Four

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Download the source files: http://bfdi.tv/assets
Music by Michael @ http://youtube.com/yoylecake
Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod and Tchaikovsky
Additional Character Art by TheEpicJames
Thumbnail by Michael
Edited by Satomi

Goodness! Bruh, what's Pencil finding in there? Or who? Could it be a visitor of some kind? And by the way, what's up with our other, possibly less relevant pals, like Bubble, Firey, Leafy, Flower, and Spongy?

Let's see everyone escape from Four! And I mean everyone. Well, maybe there might be a few stragglers.

Voting ends when this video is 48 hours old.

"Aluminium Foil, Shaking, A (H1).wav" by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk) of Freesound.org
"Granite Blocks Fast.wav" by GR3AVE5Y of Freesound.org

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