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Anthony Russo on Gambino Mob, "The Mafia Takedown," Cooperating with Feds (Full Interview)

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In this VladTV exclusive, Anthony "Hootie" Russo sat down to detail his time as a crew member of the Gambino crime family. After describing his upbringing as a first-generation immigrant growing up in the largest mafia area in the world, Russo admitted that he wanted to be a "street guy" at five-years-old and started selling drugs before his teen years. 

As a teenage drug dealer, Russo became affiliated with the mafia and explained why he chose the Gambinos over the Bonnano family. Russo also described a failed attempt at expanding his cocaine operation and explained why he was never a made man. He went on to detail his prescription pill operation and his time behind bars before describing the aftermath of the "The Mafia Takedown," which was the biggest one-day bust in United States history.

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