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Among Us Escape From Alien Ep 2 - Cartoon Animation

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The Stickmen and the Among Us are on a ship with a huge alien! They’ve decided to organize a rock festival on the spaceship. This is going to be the biggest intergalactic party in the history of the Stickmen’s adventures. But it seems that something’s gone wrong! Is there an imposter on the ship? No, it’s even worse than that! The ship is full of aliens! Lots of aliens and some kind of other strange being! It’s…Oh no, anything but that! Watch the video right now and take a look at the amazing adventure!

#amongus​​ #amongusfun​​ #cartoon

00:00 – Let there be rock!
00:29 – Anything but that!
00:56 – It’s a Predator!
1:25 – Fixing the wires
2:24 – Who lost their blaster?
3:11 – Sleep, Stickman
3:31 – Rock festival now!
4:00 – The battle is on!
4:30 – The end...
4:48 – Run!
6:26 – Oops
7:19 – The final battle
8:37 - Cyberpunk
10:20 – What about the coffee?

Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com​​
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