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A Night at Home Before Star Mahila Show | My Shooting Secrets | Vlog | Sushma Kiron

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I went to Star Mahila Game Show Latest Season Shooting But Before Going there I Ought to Prepare for Lots of things as it is my First shooting after Many days of Lockdown. In this Latest Telugu Vlog Watch How My Prepared My Self at our Happy Home on the Night before Shooting Day. This New video is just a part of demonstration about an Actress Life and it is a preparation and arranging thing for the next day shoot.This is one of my shooting secrets. As an Actress I need to make sure that i carry My Jewellery, costumes , water and other needful things before going to shoot. everything should be made ready on the night before a shooting day. I hope you can feel our dedication towards work inspite of sleepless nights and other problems...Sushma kiron

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