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5 Mythical Creature sighting in real life - Paranormal TOP 5

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Welcome to Paranormal World home to a Bizarre!
do you think humans the only intelligent life in the universe? extraterrestrial life has visited earth? are we alone?
universe is way bigger than we think !
about all my videos :
basically i don't upload anything real and personally i love to live in alien, mythical creature, monster and extraterrestrial world and i investigate and explore weird, abandoned, haunted, scary and historical place around the world. publishing video daily and almost all of the videos on this channel is edited and for entertaining.
* COPYRIGHT notice :
if you want to review or use any of this video in your youtube video, feel free to do that, but you must give credit in your video simply by showing or saying " Paranormal World, and link to original video in your description of your video. re-uploading is not allowe. for broadcasting please contoct me and do not use our footage.
if we used your footage or material , email me at my channel and we can credit you right away!
SUBSCRIBE or i'll come to your dream (☉.☉) !
THANK YOU for all your support.

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