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???? Unboxing deck of cards????Tea Leaf Fortune Cards???? Flip through & mini pick a card ???? Time

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Unboxing, Review & mini pick a reading! Checkout this beautiful deck of cards "Tea Leaf Fortune Cards" ???? with Sheetal Sapan Mhatre, Spiritual Master & Life Coach.

Hello guys! Hope you all are safe and healthy. I am so glad to share with you the unboxing video of this amazing "Tea Leaf Fortune" deck of cards & mini pick a card - timeless tarot. Hope you all love this flip through video, for more unboxing videos click the link below :-

???? Unboxing playlist :- https://bit.ly/3xlIo6C

???? May God, Goddess & Archangels bless all my lovely viewers with good health and protection ????

Selection of pile :- 13:47 min.
Pile 1 :- 14:24 min.
Pile 2 :- 15:43 min.
Pile 3 :- 17:17 min.

Ritual links :-

1) Ritual for Harmony in home : https://youtu.be/sjVE1Xgw8rE

2) Saint Expedite Powerful ritual for Money : https://youtu.be/naXQed-Qnvk

3) Ritual for love : https://youtu.be/3ygPp0XYqLg

4) Ritual to remove Obstacles from Love Life : https://youtu.be/VslxkCIEjgU

5) Ritual for overall progress of Children : https://youtu.be/TcElIDhYALg

6) Ritual for pregnancy & conception : https://youtu.be/vSLpYZNBd0A

7) Ritual to remove obstacles from marriage : https://youtu.be/_v75zJktRpo

8) Healing for Your Marriage | Marriage rituals : https://youtu.be/CPiD0JJkIFU

9) Saint Jude ritual for wish fulfilment : https://youtu.be/fPc3gEgH4WY

Pick a card links :-

1) Message from Romance Angels for Singles and Married : https://youtu.be/npGXN29Ax90

2) ???? Financial blessings & surprises ???? coming your way????Money & Finances : https://youtu.be/1j7_0k66-KA

3) Love prediction I How your love life is going to be? : https://youtu.be/njqOYgto5qg

4) Pick a card ???? Pregnancy????Conception, Future child, Personality of baby ???? No. of children ????‍????‍????‍???? : https://youtu.be/yv72Gw5WClw

5) Business & corporate ???? How your career is going to be in the next 3 months?????‍???? : https://youtu.be/cTcHpA43VV8

6) How the year 2021 is going to be | Pick a card| Blessings | Good news| Which God Goddess with you? : https://youtu.be/BcdwnBerfMo

7) Your dream home ,when & how it will happen? I Pick a card timeless : https://youtu.be/P0ulluESkhc

8) Success, Blockages & Obstacles I Know, what is blocking your success? Pick a card reading : https://youtu.be/A0_7xt4eX5k

Playlists links :-

1) Pick a card : https://bit.ly/3jUADOR

2) Weekly Predictions : https://bit.ly/3diaLet

3) God Is My Friend Series : https://bit.ly/3s18RTt

4) Prosperity : https://bit.ly/3k4ub80

5) Tarot : https://bit.ly/3b6UxBW

6) Altar Decoration : https://bit.ly/3psOBbN

To watch more on unboxing tarot & oracle card decks head to my channel.
Note-: Reading is for entertainment purpose only

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