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♪ CHUCKY vs PENNYWISE THE MUSICAL - Animated Parody Song

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Animated music video parody about IT vs Child's Play
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Chucky vs Pennywise The Musical
The unstoppable inter-dimensional killer clown faces off against the world's most frightening doll in an epic rap battle to decide who is the king of horror villainy.

►Animation: Dewald de la Rey (https://www.youtube.com/user/eieproduksies)
►Co-Producer: Whitney Di Stefano (https://www.youtube.com/thevoicetree)
►Lyrics, Song, Vocals: Logan H-Clark (https://www.youtube.com/lhugueny)


Horror fans been wondering,
Which murderer is the king?
Classic doll who’s so scary?
Or evil clown under Derry?

New Chucky:
I’m top of the line, connect to every device,
I can use them all to lure your balls into a vice.
I’m a robot, no emotions, I’m cold as ice,
Experimenting on my victims like scientists with lab mice.
Murders are art, like watermelon face with spears.
More beautiful than Vincent Van Gogh’s cut-off ear.
Use lawnmowers, Ubers, drones and teddy bears
To slaughter, you can see my creativity is there.
Losers squished your heart to take you out,
My heart’s a battery, it’s replaceable, no doubt.
I rampaged from jealousy, you want planetary conquest,
Killed more people than you without even trying my best.

You couldn’t slash Andy throughout the span of your films,
Georgie’s the same age, took me five minutes to kill.
You’re not top of the line, you’re already replaced
By Buddi2, not long until your legacy’s erased.
No personality, a glitchy creation,
From a disgruntled employee who needed more vacation.
You’re just like a Furby, a passing fad,
Almost as tragic as your rhyming which is laughably bad.
You’re not cold, you’re predictable,
All your victims are older than 21 years old.
I don’t have rules, I’ll kill them all,
All ages, races, genders, small and tall.
I eat my victims, way darker than you,
Hannibal Lecter is in my crew.
You don’t kill just to kill, you just want Andy’s attention,
Like a needy girlfriend with a***-retention.

The Losers, Andy and his friends

New Chucky:
I think I might need some help with this one. Hey 80's Chucky! Wanna tag in?

Old 80's Chucky:
It’d be my pleasure.


Old Chucky:
“You stupid b****, you filthy s***,
You’re just a p******** clown, I’m gonna whoop your butt.
What kinda freak dresses up as pathetic clown?
Entertaining kids parties, just to make em frown.
For an inter dimensional being who can be what they want,
You have a twisted sense of fashion that I would never flaunt.
Though I was knocked out a couple of times,
I pulled myself together, still stabbing, I’m fine.
You were killed by Losers, that’s pathetic,
Horror fans mock you in a thread on reddit.
How can a shapeshifter be killed by mortal beings?
I’m made out of plastic, no one killed me.
I’ve got a serious question, and it ain’t PC,
But I don’t care cause it’s been buggin me.
Are you a man? Or a woman? Or combination of the two?
Are you into the ladies? Or crave sausage from the dudes?
I had myself a bride, I pitched a tent when she was nude,
And we even had a sex scene that was hot and very lewd.
There’s more to life than just murdering folks,
Makes me an interesting character, whereas you’re just a joke.
So go back to your day job as the clown named Bozo,
You’re the horror equivalent of an average Joe.
The producers and fans agree with me about you,
That’s why I have 8 movies, you only have 2.


S*** IT, you got wrecked!

Wait up, now hold the phone. I’m not finished yet!

You lied, you’ll die, let me set the facts straight,
I also had a TV movie and a novel that was great.
Stephen King created me, a bestselling author too,
You’re just a ripoff of Chucky from the Rugrats crew.
No surprise you twist the facts, you stinky pile of scum,
As your soul is just the spirit of a slimy human bum.
Your goal is shallow, why put your spirit in a boy?
Cause being a puny mortal baby beats a children’s toy.
You’re an old piece of junk, no one plays with dolls,
Kids want Instagram & shooting game brawls.
I can mess with minds, make my victims trip balls,
Can’t even look yours in the eye because you’re way too small.
I’m the eater of worlds, I make the dankest memes,
You’re just a comedy now, your audience don’t scream.
I’m full of jump scares, viewers fly out their seats,
You just make dumb jokes about beating your meat.

Chorus (x2)

(c) LHUGUENY 2020

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